Rigid Body Destruction

This example was created following a tutorial by Steve Knipping. The initial building mesh is split apart using a series of vornoi fractures. These are then split into the smallest pieces by giving a random chance for the final split to occur. The blasts are driven by meta balls with a force attribute that simultaneously breaks the glue network. This force is then enough to trigger the remaining destruction. The final result was rendered in Mantra.

Blood Effect

This blood effect is meant to mimic blood spraying in the air and evaporating. Created in Houdini using a particle (also known as a POP) network, these particles then drive a gas simulation. The final result is rendered in Octane. A grid, and some light coding, recreate the speed surface effect from 3ds Max to control the direction and magnitude of the particles.

Vehicle Crash

This crash was created in Houdini following a tutorial by Steve Knipping. Geometry is imported and then split up (with voronoi) based on the material type. During modeling, the glass is given a different id then the metal for example. Once the node tree is set up, each material can be adjusted until the desired results are achieved.