Category: Lich Master

A companion application for the Genesys roleplaying system built in Python.

Combat example

We begin with setting up the encounter. Each enemy is created with the adversary editor. The current encounter makeup looks like this: When we actually run the encounter, the stats we setup previously are fetched and a user interface is created. From here we have a few options, to begin combat in Genesys you need […]

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Campaigns, Sessions, & Encounters

Maintaining friendships as an adult can be difficult. Everyone has conflicting work schedules. You become invested in your kids and hobbies, and sometimes you don’t see close friends for months. In role-playing games I’ve run, I have almost never had a consistent grouping of players. I wanted to make sure options available in Lich Master […]

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Adversary Editor

Lich Master is created to automate some of the tedious processes while running a role-playing game. One of the most tedious and most necessary components is creating adversaries for the player to fight. The component that solves this is the adversary editor. Above is the basic layout, you can enter stats with ease that can […]

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