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Hard surface experiment in 3ds Max.

Lessons learned

I haven’t felt comfortable modeling. I think part of the reason is my training. Every video I’ve watched has been a relatively simple warm-up piece to demonstrate a concept. I’ve felt comfortable following this process in Houdini. I wanted to find a more extensive example in 3ds Max. I stumbled upon an 11 hour video […]

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Breaking and Moving On

This grainy image is in Arnold. My Vray license is refusing to work, and I’m unsure why. This could prove problematic. I think in art and tech learning to press on is a skill set in itself. Questioning why the bridge ahead of you is ablaze in a roaring fire does no good if you […]

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I spent the majority of this morning getting as smooth a shape as I could. A problem I realized and remedied was selecting vertices behind the actual piece I was working on. This caused a lot of damage to the model and I had to redo several pieces. I’ve learned now to work in wireframe […]

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Initial Shape

For the past year, I’ve been studying 3ds Max under the guidance of online gurus such as Allan Mckay and Grant Warwick. For the past two months, I’ve taken a break to dive into Python and the world of programming. What I’ve gained in Python, I’ve lost in my art. It’s time to jump back […]

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