Breaking and Moving On

This grainy image is in Arnold. My Vray license is refusing to work, and I’m unsure why. This could prove problematic. I think in art and tech learning to press on is a skill set in itself. Questioning why the bridge ahead of you is ablaze in a roaring fire does no good if you have a canyon to cross. I still want to see what detail I can pull out of this shape with a Saturday deadline. My natural instinct is to dedicate tomorrow to learning and mastering the intricacies of Arnold. That is noise. This isn’t a piece meant to wow. This is practice meant to shake off the rust of absence. Life is an economic problem. We have unlimited wants that continue to grow with each passing ad. If you go running off in every direction, you’ll find years have passed and you haven’t moved at all. I’m going to leave the render in this engine at this quality and make the detail of the model my focus. Proper rendering can come at a later time.

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