I spent the majority of this morning getting as smooth a shape as I could. A problem I realized and remedied was selecting vertices behind the actual piece I was working on. This caused a lot of damage to the model and I had to redo several pieces. I’ve learned now to work in wireframe mode for precision. After I repaired the damage, the rest of the welds and chamfers were applied without problem. I encountered two more obstacles. The piece jutting out of the front of the engine block took more time than I would have liked and contained a lot of topology. I modeled it last night by creating a separate piece and then booleaning it into the main engine. I welded polygons together from there. This morning, unhappy with the results, deleted the piece and started from scratch. I inserted some loops into the main engine and extruded to create some basic geometry to work from. This created a lot cleaner and quicker geometry. I think a lot of problems in modeling can come from overthinking a solution and making it more complicated. Sometimes the simple answer works.

The final obstacle I still need to face is the main cylinders. In order to get the shaped holes between the main cylinders, I added a couple of support loops. This gave me greater control on the inner circle shape; however, the main cylinders now have several small dents and creases in them. There are a couple of ways to tackle this.

  • I can remove the geometry to get a flat surface, create a new cylinder, then cut into the surface to get a perfect circle. From there, I’d have to extrude downward.
  • I can align each circle of polygons to a new cylinder.
  • I can remove the geometry to get a flat surface, then boolean the cylinder into the surface. Afterwards, I can weld any damage.

This problem can be solved in the future by being aware of perfect shapes. Anything that needs to be a literal box or a perfect circle should be created after support loops could possibly screw them up. Perhaps I will change my philosophy on a future project. I see a lot of work ahead to fix this these small creases. A lot of work that can be avoided with good pipeline practices. I’m giving this project a deadline of Saturday. If I can’t finish it by then, I’ll start a new machine with lessons learned.

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